Become a Coffee Connoisseur, Volcán Barista, or Roastmaster

Café del Volcán is a purveyor of the finest quality in coffee, and known throughout China for pursuing outstanding flavor with vigor and perfectionism. For coffee connoisseurs, baristas, and roastmasters who share this passion, we are offering events and workshops that help everyone develop their skills and appreciation for great coffee. No matter if you are an aspiring coffee professional, a fresh barista, an individual interested in specialty coffee, or a company looking to organize a staff outing — we are offering tailored events for everyone. Our new cafe & roastery in Minhang is the perfect venue to discover the complexities and pleasures of specialty coffee! 

The Coffee Connoisseur
An introduction to specialty coffee culture that offers an overview of green bean origins, roasting styles, and popular brewing methods. Learn how coffee is grown, where your favorite beans come from, why Starbucks coffee is so bitter, and how a good barista turns great beans into a great cup of coffee. 3 hours.

Barista Basics
A solid workshop for aspiring baristas and young coffee professionals who build their skills and develop their understanding of specialty coffee. The event covers fundamental knowledge about grinding beans, pulling espresso shots, and frothing milk. Before worrying about pretty latte art, we focus on flavor: First pull some great shots — making them look good comes second.

Better Barista
This advanced workshop teaches baristas the beauty of latte art, as well as professional tips and tricks that produce outstanding espresso drinks. Why do some baristas pull a perfect shot every time, while others end up with sour or bitter drinks that can only be fixed with a large amount of milk? Why can a few seconds make the difference between a great cappuccino and a bitter, bubbly mess? You will find out here.

Advanced Latte Art
Most experienced baristas can make espresso drinks with a simple heart. But what about the stunning stuff: rosettas, swans, tulips, teddy bears, and more? This advanced class will be taught by our most experienced baristas who share tips and tricks on how to make espresso drinks that not only taste great, but delight your customers and impress your boss. 

Roasting Basics
Whether you are a barista and want to understand how to improve the flavor of your drinks, or an aspiring roaster looking to get started in coffee production, this workshop will teach you the fundamentals of roasting. Learn about green bean origins, harvest seasons, processing methods, and roast styles — our experienced roastmaster will explain it all. 

Advanced Roasting
For coffee professionals who already have roasting experience, this workshop teaches advanced skills in coffee roasting: How to judge the quality of green beans, analyze roast defects, tweak roasting profiles, and bring out the full potential of flavors in a given bean. Our new training facility has sample roasters to experiment, as well as an imported, top-of-class Giesen roaster built for us in the Netherlands, to demonstrate the intricacies of specialty coffee roasting.

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