Café del Volcán is a specialty coffee boutique in Shanghai where you can try freshly roasted beans, taste the difference, and learn how to make the most flavorful coffee at home. We're offering premium coffees from all over the world, including our signature beans from Faldas del Volcán, an award-winning coffee estate in Guatemala that has been in the family for more than 120 years.

In contrast to many other products sold as "premium coffee" in China, coffee for Faldas del Volcán is made from some of the best green beans available worldwide and freshly roasted in Shanghai. Each batch of beans is given all the time needed to fully develop its maximum flavor, and can be purchased at Café del Volcán as single origin coffee or skillfully mastered blends. Alternatively, we are happy to deliver fresh coffee right to your home or office - no matter where in China you are located.

Moreover, Faldas del Volcan provides you with a selection of quality accessories like grinders, coffee makers for filter/drip coffee and French press/plunger pots, as well as other items.

Our coffee experts from Europe, China and Latin America have been growing and roasting great coffees for many years. Under their supervision, the beans for each bag from Faldas del Volcán are roasted with high-quality equipment after passing rigorous quality controls in China and the country of origin. Our knowledge of flavors ensure that no matter if you are from San Francisco, Vienna or Shanghai, every cup from Faldas del Volcán leaves you craving for more. Order online or visit us at our boutique at 25 Yongkang Road!

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