Friday: 11% Off All Single-Serving Gear & Single-Origin Beans!

This Singles Day we're featuring our one-of-a-kind collection of single-serving accessories and single-origin beans. Whether you're single or just like making the best for yourself when it's just you and the world—we've got you stocked!

Get 11% off all single-serving accessories and 250g single-origin bean bags, both online and at Café del Volcán Yongkang!

This includes over half of our premium Volcán accessories:
Mini Porlex ceramic burr grinder, small French press (350 ml), elegant Hario glass drip filter with a dark brown handle, stainless steel drip pot, travel-friendly Impress, 33 Cups booklet, 1-2 cup paper filter (v60), coffee measure spoon, and Hario bean storage jar.

Our special offer begins Friday, 11/11—Singles Day—and lasts throughout the weekend!