Volcán Coffee Club: Oatly Barista

We're pretty impressed with what our Swedish friends at Oatly have come up with for us picky baristas!

Join us for this week's Volcán Coffee Club to learn about what makes this creamy oat-based drink such a good milk substitute. After five years, Volcán Baristas are ready to step beyond the bounds of our beloved Asahi and offer a second option (beyond your espresso of choice): Oatly Barista.

We'll talk about how this new product matches the criteria that we have for our milk, such as frothing and flavor. Plus we'll do a little latte art demonstration to compare.

After the club--attended by you discerning Volcán VIP'ers--we plan to launch this alternative milk option at both Café del Volcán Yongkang and Wuding for a limited time during this special New Year(s) period. If you guys like it, we may officially adopt this soft and sweet (and quirky) little baby.

Let us know what you think!