Show Your Support: Shanghai Brewers Cup!

Coffee Culture Week begins today at Super Brand Mall in Lujiazui! This will be a week for coffee lovers and professionals alike, running from October 12th through Sunday the 16th. Most exciting is the China Barista Championship Shanghai Division series, taking place in three areasthe Barista, Latte Art and Brewers Cup Championships.

We are especially proud to be supporting longtime Volcán Barista Siwei Chen, who's participating in the Shanghai Brewers Cup! Her segment focuses on the refined skills of manual brewing and bean selection (for example origin, quality and roasting). 

Our Siwei is taking part in the brewing competition this week! Show your support!

Amidst all the excitement of kicking off Minhang and getting our training off the ground, Siwei is joining 20 fellow shanghai baristas to share her passion and latest favorite brewing techniques, along with a newly-developed roast profile for one of Volcán's most popular beans.

[ Today's first round begins at 4:30pm and ends around 9:30pm today, allowing each participant around 15 mins. Siwei is #8 and expected to appear between 6-7pm. ]

It's exciting to have another Volcán Barista take part in this annual event, following alumnus (previous team member) Chris Chen, who attended the Shanghai Barista Championship in 2013.

Chris with renowned China Barista Champion and current M2M employer, Jeremy Zhang. 

If you have time, join the excitement this week at Super Brand Mall in Lujiazui. Or just keep following us here for more coverage!


Super Brand Mall, Lujiazui 上海正大广场


Brewers Cup:
2016.10.12 16:30-21:30 世界咖啡冲煮大赛中国区选拔赛 指定冲煮
2016.10.13 10:00-16:30 世界咖啡冲煮大赛中国区选拔赛 自选冲煮

For further details (in Chinese) see the official event WeChat post:

Coffee Culture Week runs through Sunday.