Happy Holidays: Christmas Blend, Cinnamon Rolls & More!

Just in time for the holidays, our 2016 Christmas Blend is ready! Come try it this weekend along with a festive cinnamon roll at our Yongkang Lu boutique. We’ve got a lot of treats to make your friends and family happy over the holidays. 

Spiced Café con Miel (honey latte) and Cinnaswirl cinnamon roll.

This year’s Volcán Christmas Blend is a premium blend of five beans, including El Salvador, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica and two regions of Ethiopia. Perfect as pour over, the Christmas Blend is rich and nutty, with a lingering berry sweetness. It also makes a fruity espresso and sweet latte. Brew at home and with friends however you like!
Bring a 250g bag home, or in a gift box. We’re selling special priced gift sets of the Blend along with our latest single-origin Limited Specialty, El Salvador.  
Or create your own gift box: Make everything more special with our complimentary Volcán gift box—a free gift from us when you order the blend and any other item (we recommend the mini Porlex grinder or a Marou specialty chocolate bar).  

Mini Porlex grinder (single serving).

Marou specialty chocolate bar (comes in 74%, 76% and 78% dark coco)

Happy Holidays!