[5/20 Workshop] Behind the Brew: The Art of the Roast

"Roasting coffee is like looking at an elaborate mural. The spectrum is so vast that you have to choose where to focus." -- Founding Roaster & Managing Director, Nils Weisensee

Roasting coffee is an art and this month Volcán Roastmaster Sean Yin will give coffee fans a fresh look at the artistry behind the bean. Join us for our Roasting Basics Workshop to get a taste of what goes into preparing those delicious coffee beans before they are brewed for your favorite drink. While the barista may be the star performer dazzling the audience, the roaster is the producer, designing the scene before the colorful story unfolds.

How do you squeeze out more blueberry juice from a bean from Ethiopia? And why is Sumatra Wahana so dark and earthy in contrast? Is an herbal and citrus bergamot twist only possible in my espresso blend or also achievable in a single origin? All of these flavor characteristics are determined before the beans get in a barista's hands. 

Roastmaster Yin will take you through the basics of roasting and green bean sourcing. Plus you'll learn a bit more about our namesake Volcán family estate, where our signature Guatemala beans originate. 

This three-hour workshop will include an interactive lecture, roasting session, and group Q&A. *Conducted primarily in Chinese (Mandarin).


    • When: This Saturday (March 25, 2017) from 2-5pm at Volcán Minhang (689 Guang Hua Lu, near Zhong Chun Lu | 光华路689号颛桥元谷文创园B座). For assistance dial: 137 0174 1994. 
    • Participants will leave with a premium 250g bag of our fresh-roasted coffee as a gift!
    • The fee is 300 RMB at our special 50% discount.

    Payments should be made via Alipay after registration. You can either scan the QR below or find us as payments@cafevolcan.com. Please type "training" in the payment details so we know it's you!


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