Art @ Volcán: Connecting People, Space & Coffee

[8/18 Update] Celebrating 3 Years of Community, Creativity & Coffee: Happy Birthday, Volcán! 

We're excited to collaborate with South Korean space stylist Junghyun Park on this new art project: Link to Link—connecting people, space and coffee. Come enjoy her unique geometric designs inside Café del Volcán for the next month. The installation officially runs from 7/17 to 8/18—our three-year anniversary!

“A space has its own story," explains Park. "I think good space should be with nice people. There should be a strong connection with the environment and their own character.” Three years in the making, Park says Link to Link represents relationships: people, culture, public space, individuals, and coffee. This will be her first Link to Link installation in a cafe, and the art is intended to be changed on a monthly basis throughout the next year. 

In the coming weeks, Park will also give talks at Volcán to further explain her interpretation of the art.

Hailing from coffee capital Seoul, Park has been based in Shanghai for a year and felt Volcán embodied this concept of connection: “I've spent about a year spending time in cafes around Shanghai and Volcán was the only place that gave me this really special vibe. It truly embodied my vision of Link to Link. It also has a good connection with Yongkang Lu, which is an open and energetic area.” 

Besides exhibiting in both Seoul and Shanghai, Park's designs have been featured in Elle Décor.