Volcán Interview Series: The Barista - Menny

V (Volcán): What is your earliest coffee related experience?

M (Menny): It was a bag of instant "Mocha" coffee, the smell of the coffee was so unique and so attractive, even though I now think instant coffee is outrageous.

V: When/why did you first get working in coffee?

M: I joined the Volcán team in November 2012 as a part-time barista.

V: What let you becoming a barista?

M: I enjoy brewing coffee and learning coffee. Do what you like when you are young.

V: What's the best part of your job?

M: Having a better understanding of coffee and meeting interesting customers. Sometimes making pretty latte art or getting compliments from customers can make both the mood and the coffee better.

V: Talk us through a typical work day

M: After regular machine checks, I'll take some supplementary caffeine to get ready for a new busy day.

V: What are your roles outside of making coffee?

M: I'm a college student, as well as a photographer and skateboarder.

V: What is your favourite brew method and/or coffee origin and why?

M: I liked French press with dark roasted beans at the beginning. But now I prefer V60 pour over with African beans like Ethiopia natural Yirgacheffe. I will use Aeropress for iced coffee, it looks and tastes great.

V: Hot or iced?

M: Hot. But many people misunderstood iced coffee, iced coffee can also keep the beans' original flavours.

V: Tulip or rosetta?

M: Tulip.

V: What would be your dream 'coffee experience'?

M: Trying new beans.

V: Do you have a 'coffee crush'?

M: Matt Perger of St. Ail in Melbourne.

V: Which is the best 'coffee city' in your mind?

M: Hope that I'll have a chance to experience Melbourne's coffee culture.