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Guatemala Santa Rosa

Guatemala is the "crown jewel" of Central American coffees. These beans come from the private premium estate Faldas del Volcan (slopes of the volcano), which has been run by our extended family for more than 120 years. Its fertile volcanic soil yields coffee with a rich and smooth flavor, bold but balanced, with hints of chocolate and nuts. 250g bag.

Sumatra Mandheling

Coffee production on the Indonesian island Sumatra began in the 1700s under Dutch colonization. Beans from the island are known for their low acidity and great body, making it a good choice for bold espresso and rich French press (plunger) brews. 250g per bag.

Yunnan Baoshan

People in Yunnan have been growing coffee since the 1800s, but finding premium quality is a challenge. These excellent beans are harvested in Baoshan at 1140 meters, using a special "honey process" for increased sweetness and mild character. It's a uniquely mild and delicate flavor that's best enjoyed as drip/filter. 250g per bag.

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“A diamond amongst
the coarse grounds”

Monica Liau, That’s Shanghai

“If you love coffee, you will be amazed by Café del Volcán”
Jessie Chen, ICS News

“Café del Volcán is pushing coffee culture forward”
Geoff Ng, Cityweekend

“Tiny but perfect”
Anna Leach,
TimeOut Magazine

Café del Volcán is a new coffee boutique in Shanghai where you can try freshly roasted beans, taste the difference, and learn how to make the most flavorful coffee at home. We’re offering premium coffees from all over the world, including our signature beans from Faldas del Volcán, an award-winning coffee estate in Guatemala that has been in the family for more than 120 years. [more...]